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The Ship's Company "Fleet"

The mission of the Ship’s Company Boat Section is to acquire, restore, maintain, and operate traditional boats in support of Ship’s Company’s maritime historical activities and goals. We are currently concentrating on getting our flotilla and crew in top condition for the ongoing Bicentennial of the War of 1812 (2012 through 2015).

• Our 14-foot JOLLYBOAT is trailered and often used in re-enactment events. She has two rowing positions and is yawl-rigged with a standing lug main and marconi mizzen.

• LION, our 1/4 scale (25-foot) model that was the inspiration for the "Pride of Baltimore." Boatkeeper is Steven Lampredi.

• The GIG, a 15-ft light cutter – Built by Ship’s Company members in 2010 and was sold to one of our members.

Photo copyright Chesapeake Light Craft
LOA: 15 ft 0 in. Beam: 3 ft 6 in.
In the works:

• A DEALE CUTTER – in design.
LOA: 26 ft 0 in. Beam: 6 ft 11 in.
The current design boasts eight oars, a schooner rig, and room for several small mounted guns.